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Supports Immune System
• Produce cytokines
• Increase number of white blood cells
• Activates monocytes to turn into anti-inflammatory form
• High antioxidant levels for cell protection
Reduces Upper Respiratory Symptoms
• Relieves cold and flu symptoms
• Shortens the duration of upper respiratory symptoms
• Decrease flu-like symptoms in 2 day after consumption1
• Improves symptoms of sinus and bronchitis
Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral
• Prevents bacteria and virus from attaching to cell membrane
• Stop the growth of bacteria
• Inhibits replication of bacteria and virus
Key Ingredients
Rich in Anthocyanins
Scientific proven natural remedy for cold and flu
Strong antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effects
Stimulate immune system
Protects cell againts influenza virus
Increases antibody production
Boosts immune cells activities
Antimicrobial & Anti-inflammatory effects
To combat ENT problems e.g sore throat
First form of milk that mammals produce
Extremely nutritious
High in Immunoglobulin G (IgG) to enhance immune system and prevent infection
Lactoferrin slow down the growth of bacteria
Vitamin C
Strong antioxidant effect
Maintains and boosts immune system
Relieves cold symptoms
Reduces the duration and severity of colds
Direction of Use
Take 1 sachet daily.
Slowly pour directly into mouth OR mix with 100ml of room temperature or cold water.

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