CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA Sheep Placenta Plus (30s + 30s)
CellLabs® CLASSaaNTA Sheep Placenta Plus (30s + 30s) CELLLABS HEALTH SUPPLEMENT Kedah, Malaysia, Alor Setar Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | KC Pharmacy Sdn Bhd
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Benefits of this product:
  * Enhances Skin Radiance & Suppleness
  * Restores Youthful Look 
  * Increase Libido
  * Balances Hormones
  * Delay Menopause Symptoms
  * Improves Heart Health & Immune System

Remain Youthful With Powerful Sheep Placenta Therapy
The basic idea behind Live Cell Therapy is that similar cells repair each other. CellLabs CLASSaaNTA works on your most basic molecule. It repairs & rejuvenates cells, essentially stimulating the body to repair itself. This natural process has positive, long-lasting effects, unlike other medicinal methods that are only good for as long as they stay within the metabolic system. Using Live Cell Therapy with Sheep Placenta extract is like replacing old cells with new cells.
With CellLabs Classanta, old cells are revitalized & damaged cells are repaired. Live Cell Therapy is, therefore, an excellent & natural anti-aging approach that promises a long, healthy & fulfilling life.

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